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Engineering Services 

Draxin provides the following Engineering Services



Draxin offers multi-disciplinary Engineering expertise ranging from Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, all of which all have more than 3 decades of experience in Africa. 



Draxin offers engineering expertise with than 3 decades of experience in their respective fields. Draxin engineers are available to consult through phases of design, construction to completion. 


Development and Design

Draxin is extremely versatile to research and develop new concepts in the engineering fraternities. Draxin collaborates with government and private institutions to further develop new engineering concepts in Africa.

  1. Electrical Engineering - Draxin has partnered with companies such as PSI Solutions and others who have consulted to PBMR, Eskom and various large Construction companies. We are proud to have the PSI Solutions to assist Draxin in its sustainable and renewable power generation projects.
  2. Mechanical Engineering and Design Services - Draxin has partnered with companies that specialise in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. We offer full CAD design, 3D printing (Prototyping) and Manufacturing services through our partners.
  3. Civil Engineering - Draxin offers a range of civil engineering services in the construction industry including the constuction of Transport (Rail, BRT, Roads), Water (Dams, Pipe Lines), Power Generation (Solar, Wind, Hydro) and other industries across Africa within its in-house engineers and strategic partners.
  4. Chemical Engineering - Draxin hosts a wealth of expertise to assist in the field of Chemical Engineering which includes but not limited to Water, Agriculture, SHEQ in Mining and Food safety. We are partnered with laboratories to strengthen our offering to the industry.

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