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ICT Consulting  Services 

Draxin provides the following Technology Services



Draxin delivers cradle to CLOUD solutions from mission critical enterprise-wide solutions, telecommunications, IOT, business and artificial intelligence, to large data management solutions.



Draxin has over the years consulted to a variety of diverse technology initiatives and projects. We have paticipated in new product research and development, to actual market identification and implementation.



Draxin has the development capability to assist its clients in crafting and implementing solutions that is fit for purpose. All source code are local and deposited in Escrow to ensure business continuity. Our rapid development platforms (RAD) deliver solutions timeously and under budget.

  1. Software Engineering - Draxin in partnership with various R&D companies, offer a wide range of software products and services locally developed and deployed in large organisations. All code developed is tried and tested and applied to high availability (Mission Critical) environments and withstood the test of time. Our products and solutions range from In Line Supply Chain management (JIT), Industrial Automation (4th Industrial Revolution/Evolution), E-Commerce, Track and Trace to Primary Healthcare solutions and services.   
  2. Telecommunications Engineering - Recently Draxin signed partnerships and co-operation agreements with large international and local companies to deploy a 5th Generation Network. We have collaborated with local and international Technology industry leaders. We offer Turn-Key solutions, technologies and services in the Telecommunications sector especially for rural upliftment, reducing the cost and technology divide. 
  3. Electronic Engineering - Draxin offers a complete range of Electronic Engineering and Consulting services. We pride ourselves that we constantly colaborate with industry leaders such as CSIR, Reutech, University of the Western Cape and various other R&D institutions and organisations.

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