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Draxin Services

Draxin offers the following services to the market. Draxin’s fundamental aim is to support local industry.

  1. Electronic Engineering - Draxin offer a complete range of Electronic Engineering and Consulting services. We pride ourselves that we constantly work with industry leaders such as Reutech, eXtroVation and various other leading R&D organisations.  
  2. Electrical Engineering -  Draxin has partnered with PSI Solutions (Dr, Baholo) whom has consulted to the PBMR, Eskom and various large Construction companies. We are proud to have the Dr Baholo on-board to assist Draxin in its sustainable and renewable power projects.  
  3. Software Engineering - Draxin combined with Qmuzik, Finclude and various other partners, offer a wide range of software products and services developed locally and deployed into large organisations. All software are tried and tested in high availability environments and stood the test of time. Products range from In-Line Supply Chain Management i.e Just In-time Delivery, Industrial Automation i.e anabling solution for the 5th Industrial Revolution, E-Commerce as well as Primary Healthcare solutions and services.   
  4. Telecommunications- Recently Draxin has signed partnerships and co-operation agreements with large international and local companies to deploy a 5th Generation Network. We have collaborated with industry leaders and will commence with this initiative in late 2018. We offer Telecommunicatioin technologies and services to the industry. 
  5. Mechanical Design Services - Draxin has partnered with companies that specialises in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Technologies. We offer full CAD design, 3D printing i.e. prototyping and manufacturing services through our partners.

Draxin dears engaging with its clients to consistently understand, evaluate and propose improvements to their technologies in businesses. Innovation has always driven Draxin to improve and accelerate Technology value.   

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