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Draxin Partners

Draxin has partnered with companies that share its vision to improve and deliver on solutions that are crafted for Africa.

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Partner 1

Reutech Solutions specialises as an Engineering Procurement Contracting Company (EPCC) for dynamic control solutions, maintenance and support services, switching and managed ICT networks, ICT and communications infrastructure installations, pipeline inspection services as well as professional services.


Partner 2

Finclude software was engineered to deliver the whole eco system of community commercialisation to groups of associated people ranging from student communities, municipal residents, union and other members. The system focuses on the whole eco system. Managing memberships, issuing cards, adding value to accounts or wallets, VAS, In-store trade, inter-wallet rules and loyalty.


Partner 3

Hytera SA -The value of advanced technologies lies in the problems they can solve. Different industries and all kinds of complicated tasks are challenging the way of professional communications. Technology, therefore, means even more. Only when we fully understand what our clients really want, is it possible to create more value with innovative technologies and to deliver more at critical moments.


Partner 4

ICCN SA - Our solutions transform communication networks into sustainable, secure, and converged infrastructures built to communicate today’s messages with tomorrow’s technology. We focus on the delivery of content, not the connection. We flatten and simplify your network and your world.


Partner 5

Infinera empowers network operators to scale bandwidth while accelerating service innovation and automating optical network operations. Service providers, cloud operators, governments and enterprises across the globe rely on Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks to create rich end-user experiences based on efficient, high-bandwidth optical networks.

Infinera was founded with the vision of enabling an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth that the next communications infrastructure is built upon.

Infinera offers an end-to-end portfolio of packet-optical solutions for the long-haul, metro, and cloud. We believe that when our customers win, we win. Meeting customers’ specific deployment needs and providing industry-leading customer support is in our DNA.


Partner 6

Qmuzik Technologies is a Software Development House based in Centurion. The company has established itself as a market leader in the niche areas it has identified by supplying system developed in close corporation with industry leaders.

By supplying implementation and support services, Qmuzik Technologies stays close to the customer base and ever evolving requirements.

The Qmuzik group is organised into focused entities to further enhance customer service.

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Partner 7

Unique breakthrough technologies, architectures, and methodologies are the cornerstones of Octasic’s solutions. Octasic is committed to being a technology leader with the industry’s highest degree of engineering and business competence. Success is the result of outstanding technological proficiency combined with a high quality management team.

Octasic’s leadership team has a proven track record for building the most efficient, revenue-generating solutions that work.


Partner 8

Hello Budgie is one of the most innovative Mobile device and Application companies in South Africa.

They operate throughout Africa and deliver solutions fit for the lower LSM's internationally. 


Partner 9

We are a young and ambitious company with a realsation the the world on our screens is just amazing but yet so flat. To provide people a better experience of the visual content being consumed and enjoyed through sreens , we have set ourselfs a mission to leave the long overdue 2D

Experience behind and embrace the technologies available for true 3D viewing with our native eyes true 3D viewing as they where meant to be used.

To get closer to the rap[id developing gaming and media industry in Asia, we have just recently established an operation in Singapore for the very exciting evolution of our theed platform and offering. 

Our Nativeview 3D product development is currently being controlled from our Dubai office.


Partner 10

Mobile connectivity is reaching its fifth generation. To prepare users for this new reality, there is the 5GAC-Tec solution, which allows the development of 5G networks with provision of coverage in areas of high density and high volume.
Through this technological solution, 5G can become operational immediately after the new connectivity standards are agreed, including spectrum, latency, and stability.
With the use of 5GAC-Tec, the cost to implement the fifth generation of mobile telephony will be 50% lower than the typical 4G operation.


Partner 11

Hedco Group of Companies was founded in 1997. At the time, the holding company implemented development and financing projects throughout the African continent.

Today, Hedco is head of a strong business group, made up of four companies known for their leadership in the market for sustainable technologies and innovation. These are Worrell Water Technologies (WWT), Global Biological Sciences (GBS), 5GAC-Tec and H3D.


Partner 12

No problem is too big too solve! We will not only look at designing & re-designing products to be better, more efficient and more pleasing to the eye and all in all more fantastic, but also how to manufacture it cheaper and still retain quality

Thinking outside the box is a must. To quote Henry Ford: "If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse". Here at eXtroVation, we only know one way of working and that is Thinking outside the box. 

We know you are picky when it comes to selecting lifelong partners for your company, and so are we. Drop us an email or give us a call and let us discuss how we can work together. We are always open to great ideas and challanges!

Draxin's Partners are commited to the upliftment and the future of Africa