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About Draxin 

Mission, Vision and Technology Statement.

Shaping your Technology Aspirations


Mission Statement

To create solutions by combining existing technologies and developing new (Where applicable) to assist South Africans in particular and the African population in general to be at the forefront of the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions not only as consumers but also as producers of relevant technologies.


Our Vision 

To equip the general South African/African populations with skills to facilitate the entry of a greater number of the population into the mainstream through skills development and job creation.

Draxin actively drive to minimise the digital divide.  


Technology Statement 

Draxin identifies: inefficiencies; shortcoming’s; or the inability of existing technologies which are designed to be "fit for purpose" for its African clients.

By redesigning such technologies to provide the desired outcomes, we combine existing technologies with our innovations to address the inefficiencies and in so doing produce a superior product.   

Change is the only constant we have to live by.